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tend to be straightforward and are easily made. ... saving 1-2 months of construction time and a few hundred thousand dollars. .... three-hour fire-resistance-rated horizontal assembly. The podium is ... Lists of accepted rated wood floor and.

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UL certifies exterior walls, doors and windows for fire-resistance ratings, wall ... online search tool that helps you easily locate the UL certification information ... construction materials, equipment and fire-resistance rated assemblies and ...

What options exist for 1-hour rated floor and roof assemblies where ...

Nov 2, 2016 ... IBC section 722.6 could be used to calculate up to a 1-hour rating for a wood-frame wall, floor or roof assembly. IBC Table 722.6.2(2) allows 10 ...

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Easy access to USG's technical information or to specific data ... at ul.com. For additional information on USG fire-rated assemblies, CAD, BIM content and specifications, ... Column, beam, through-penetration walls and floors, and joists.

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Exclusive UL design L583 offers 1-hour fire rating for typical ... Quick and Easy Wood-Framed Installations ... Highest performance-to-cost value for wood-framed floor/ceilings .... Pre-loaded assemblies eliminate long wait to lift concrete slab.

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Feb 1, 2018 ... The basic gypsum drywall assemblies described herein offer ... ods: (a) strip lamination—SHEETROCK Brand Setting-Type (DURABOND) or Lightweight Setting-Type (EASY ... caulked—est. fire rating based on UL Des U305 and U340 ..... Resilient channel systems offer fire-resistant wood joist floor/ceiling ...

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130 results ... Fire Ratings. 1 Hour · 1.5 Hour .... (457 mm) deep open web wood truss spaced max. 24 in. (609 mm) OC ... Visit UL site for more info on Design L521.

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Floor/Ceiling Wood-Framed .... Fire and Sound Assemblies - Wood-Framed Wall ... Fire Test Reference: UL U305, ULC W301, cUL U305, GA WP 3605.

Shield Industries FireGuard FireGuard E-84 Intumescent Coating

FireGuard E-84 is an intumescent coating that provides fire retardance and fire resistance to a ... 1 & 2-hour Wall Assembly Rated | 1-hour Floor and Ceiling Rated ... FireGuard E-84 is easily applied to sheetrock, oriented strand board (OSB), sheet metal, ... As little as two coats can create a fire-rated wall for your structure.

Why Fire-Rated Hangers Are Required in Type III Wood-Frame Buildings

There are many established fire-rated floor and wall assemblies available. ... fire wall hangers, which are designed to easily install on a two-hour wood stud fire ...

Firefree Coatings – Fire Resistant, Flame Retardant Project Applications

Firefree Coatings' Intumescent, Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paints Are Used in ... Retrofit: Wood Floor, one (1) hour ... Retrofit: Wood Roof/Ceiling, one (1) hour ... Firefree 88 validated tests on lath and plaster and wood assemblies ... Applied Firefree Class A at a minimal dry film thickness, easy to apply/use, to all ...

3M? Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ Installation Guide

Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ is a proven alternative to 1- or 2-hour fire-resistant rated shaft ... This non-asbestos2 wrap installs easily due to its high flexibility and strength. ...... Penetration Systems Fire-Rated Wood/Gypsum Floor/Ceiling Assembly.

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Apr 1, 2018 ... Insulation for Sound & Fire Rated Assemblies ..... easily transmitted by the thin-wall duct and carried ... UL: Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Fire.

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View Bison Board Products by Project Type, UL Fire Rating, and STC Rating. ... start saving your go-to Bison Board configurations for quick and easy access, ...

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depth of 9-1/4" are equivalent to lumber floor joists and therefore do not require ... Fire-Rated Floor/Ceiling Assembly: One-Hour, Single Layer. ONE-HOUR ...

Legrand Floor Boxes are Fire Rated for up to Three Hours | Legrand

The family of Wiremold UL listed and fire-classified floor boxes includes: - 1-, 2- and 3-gang OmniBox? steel floor boxes - Resource RFB? two-gang and ...

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... help you find Fire and Sound Rated Assembly information quickly and easily. ... Greater stud, truss or joist sizes/depths shall be permitted to be used in wood ...

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NuFloor Systems installs UL fire rate & IBC code flooring. ... a safe fire rating is to install a sound reduction mat or board beneath the floor underlayment. ... that all sound systems are fire-rated and easily specified by a UL Design number.